Sunday, January 18, 2009

My gaming goodness that have been way to long coming

First up...

I have been into the PCE/TG scene for over a year. In that time, I have patiently waited for one of the most popular games for the system. so far 4 levels in I am digging it immensely. I will say that so far it has been easier than I imagined it to be. Plan on beating this very soon.

Second up...

Very limited time with this one so far (first 2 levels), but so far am VERY into it. IMHO the game blows Spriggan Mk 2 out of the water ( kinda sad as Part 1 is a CD, and Mk 2 is a SCD). Also Spriggan is a vertical shootie vs Mk 2 is a horizontal. After Drac X is beat Spriggan will get teh attention it soooooo deserves.

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