Friday, February 26, 2010

Today was a VERY good day :)

I have been on much more of a game bender lately, but a shopping run today changed that.

Nostalgia arrived (FINALLY) from a contest on, Legend of Kage 2 was a paltry $6 shipped.  The dvd's are all from Best Buy, all for $10 each, sweet sweet reduced prices FTW.  Looks like movie time galore soon. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One of the BEST PC Engine games ever

Son Son II

Capcom/NEC Avenue really hit on out of the park with Son Son II. This little 2 meg bruiser is quality from the first minute you fire it up.  Based on the chinese legend of the Journey West/monkey king. Seven levels of supreme platforming goodness await you.  You gain $ (the ubiquitous Capcom zenny) by collectiing fruit which you use for items, weapons, and magic.  Hidden secrets abound throughout the first-rate designed levels, capped off by cool end level bosses.




Another colorful game with excellent control, and good challenge.  Music is quality,and fits the  game quite well.  Luckily this classic can also be nabbed for a reasonable price.  There is also a translated rom out there (though hardly necessary).  Out of my 300+  PCE/TG games this is a solid top 5 game, and possibly my #1 Huey of all time.

Getting back to OBEYING the PC Engine

Genji Tsushin Agedama


For sometime now I have been a proponent of this criminally, oft ignored hidden gem in the PCE library. This game is based off an anime, and manga series of the same name.  A "forced scroll" platformer (ala Monster Lair) with colorful graphics, quality control, and cool attacks.




You start with a typical peashooter of a weapon, but get power-ups of varying colors that add some uniqe attacks.   Your special attacks vary by color, and also by how long you hold the button down (the colored gauge determines what attack is unleashed).  Control is buttery smooth, and responsive.  Graphically it's not a powerhouse, but still throws some very enjoyable scenes up, with a  a decent amount of stage variety.  Music is upbeat, and excellent chip tunage.



This is easily one of my favorite PCE games that I regularly return to.  In my opinion a MUST OWN.

*Pictures & videos compliments of Sunteampaul @ The PC Engine Bible*

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soma Bringer...modern classic

Soma Bringer is a action RPG game by developer Monolith Soft (of Xenosga, NamcoXCapcom, and Baten Kaitos fame) for the DS.  Originally released in japan in early 2008, there are still no plans for a release outside of japan.

When you start up, you can choose from 8 different characters each one having a unique class/weapon specialties (though the main story stays the same for all).  Characters are customizable thru weapons, armor, and  gaining AP as you level up, you also gain CP (Character Points), which can be used to increase the character's four base statistics. These base statistics determine the strength of physical and magical attacks, as well as maximum HP/SP, defensive power and so on. The statistics that can be boosted are Strength, Magic, Health and Skillfulness.

Combat is fast paced (reminiscent of Diablo 2), with the added ability to map your special attacks to the 4 buttons (X, Y, B, A).  You camera angle is adjustable with the select button, and automatically zooms in when attacking an enemy. Controls are fluid, and well implemented (your 2 companions that you can choose are AI controlled).

Though early on game time, Soma Bringer sure seems to be another gem that will sadly not be brought over to the US.

Friday, February 19, 2010


One of my more anticipated PSP games of 2010 has just recently been announced for release in the US. There is a downloadable demo out now for the japanese version (downloaded over 1.5 million times)!!

Taking more than a few cues from the runaway success of the Monster Hunter series, God Eater injects much more anime style to it.


NamcoBandai has handed off localization to D3Publisher, and will be released in Q3 of this year.




God Eater is set where the earth has been ruined by  beasts known as the Aragami and mankind’s only hope against them is the Jinki weapons and the God Eaters behind them. This game lures players with more than 100 missions. Players can change their game strategy at any time by instantly switching between weapon forms to slash, shoot, and devour gigantic enemies (35 unique enemy types to find items and customize from) to alter the strength, pattern and elemental type for super powerful attacks.  A unique predator mode will add a new level of strategy as players transform their Jinki to beast form to gain a boost in stats and special bullets to launch potent attacks. Featuring cooperative modes, players can hunt with AI controlled party members or join hunting parties with up to four players via local adhoc mode or connect the PSP system to the PlayStation 3  to play online using adhocParty.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting back into the Moster Hunter series

Some time ago, I picked up the original Monster Hunter for the PS2, and then Monster Hunter Freedom for the PSP.  I play for awhile, yet time passes, and I move on to other gaming pastures.  Talking to my friend pcenginefan/apple, and windancer we get to the subject of Monster Hunter Tri (an upcoming game for the Wii).

This starts to take me back to my to short playing days with the original 2 games I had.  I start to feel the desire to give one of them the whirl...yet where to start.  MH Tri isn't out yet, but wait!!  Some digging turns up that MHF Unite for the PSP is now a very reasonable $20 new.  I pick it up on my next game buying run (a rare thing these days) and nab a copy.  Now being in the throes of learning my way around Phantasy Star Zero there's little spare time to put into MHF Unite.  I end up with some time and fire it up...pleasently surprised.  While the online is SEVERELY nerfed (pretty bad idea on a game that would thrive on easy to use online) it's so far an enjoyable game.

Phantasy Star Zero addictive fun

My good friend windancer, pcenginefan/apple and cohorts at The Blue Rogues have been trying to get me into Phantasy Star Zero for the DS.  It took me awhile to take the plunge...and I'm so glad I did!!  I just a few short days of off and on play, I am already have a level 23 RAcast with 11.5 hours of game time in.  I have been digging the ride so far, learning as I level up.

Customization/weapon choices galore, very nice graphics, solid online with cool peeps (though sadly no voice chat which would be GREAT).  This game is DEF more enjoyable than Phantasy Star Universe for the PS2 was.  Story is fairly solid (if typically a bit cliched), though I am not very far thru the offline story mode yet.  The real fun of the game is online with friends though.  I can honestly recomend this game to anyone that enjoys fighting foes online with their friends.