Friday, May 14, 2010

Falcom rumors of goodness US bound FOUNDED!!

XSEED bringing over Falcom games!!   (courtesy of RPGamer)

Starting in late summer XSEED will be bringing over a number of Falcom's game library that has been rumored for months, and clamored for by fans.  The first will be Ys Seven in late summer followed by Ys: The Oath in Felghana before years end.  The most interesting, and ambitious game planned is the Sora no Kiseki trilogy.  Considered modern classics by many fans, and are all extremely large games ( the second game is the first (and only ?) psp game to come on 2 UMD's with extremely large scripts to translate.

Hopefully these games are heavily marketed, and sell well.  Falcom has a very solid, and rabid fanbase, but many previous attempts to bring their games over have fallen flat.  Shoddy translation jobs, poor porting ( abysmal load times, etc.), and very little to no marketing have not done much to help these titles out.  XSEED  seems to be ready to do these games justice, so there is hope.


Zigfried said...

XSEED is probably the best company I can think of for this. Based on past releases, they're totally competent... but they've fallen on dry times and desperately need a "hit". They're gonna market this stuff for everything they're worth.

nectarsis said...

I def hope they give it a good push. Some really solid games, they deserve the attention IMO.