Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hit and Miss :|

I don't usually post so soon after my last one, be it laziness, lack of anything usable to say,etc.

I fired up my new games from my last post, and have mixed feelings.

1st up:

CD Denjin (aka Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly Paradise)

Now mind you, PC Denjin (Air Zonk) is easily one of my favorite shooters in the entire PC Engine/Turbografx library )which is obviously filled with quality shooters).  I have heard thru the years that it's sequel was a letdown to many people for various reasons.  Anything from it now being a "step up" as it's now on a Super CD vs. a huey, the music selection, the way your "team up" buddies are nowhere near the same, or as cool, etc.

So I went in knowing that this game wasn't top tier.  Still I had a glimmer of hope that the bashing it received was overblown.  Sadly it's pretty much all right on target.  Nothing here IMO couldn't have been achieved on a humble huey, the music choices compared to the original (which is STELLAR) are yawn worthy, and the gameplay is rather bland, and slow IMO.  It is far from a bad game..but is a letdown in almost every way.  It may have fared better if it was a standalone game, but trying to follow the footsteps of  PC Denjin (Air Zonk) it isn't even in the same league.  This one may gather a bit more dust than even I thought it would.

2nd game:


 Now I have only looked at screen shots of this.  "OK...different looking shooter, may be cool."  It is a quirky shooter steeped with japanese er...quirkiness. It is similar to  Obocchama-kun (PC ENGINE) in that regard.  More than a few of the enemy designs  reminded me a LOT of the Metal Max games...a pig tank, etc.  This game is almost a hodgepodge of random.  Unique enemies are hit or miss, as well as the artwork.  Music is decent, though sound effects lack much variety.   Decent in places to downright bland, and boring in others the (sunbathing lady did draw a smirk).  Only 5 levels, and very little to look forward to weapon wise (sidekick pods that slightly upgradeable) are 2 definite drawbacks.   Now if you like your shooters easy LOOK NO FURTHER.   Considering my meager gaming and shmups skills this game was cake...maybe a bit of a crazy looking cake, but cake nonetheless.   Even with it's SLOW initial speed, life bar that can be extended, and large hitbox, the game never really ramped up the difficulty to much.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!!!  After you beat the last boss you get to..wait for thru the game ALL over again. Yes my friends another loop of wackiness.  : |    Things get changed up slightly as colors, and many character designs  are now different.   A quick, flawed yet enjoyable game, but can't compete wuth the likes of Air Zonk, Star Parodia, etc.

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