Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mmmmmmmm goodness arrives, and a dupe lol

I have been waiting for a good chance to nab Faussete Amour foe a couple years now.  It's usual price of near $100+ is generally the reason why I held back on this somewhat maligned game. Nabbing it for $55 shipped definitely softened that blow.

After one of my Brother Duomazov (at arms)  IVANEC sang it's praises I knew it was a winner.


As he stated many will whine about the somewhat slow pace your hero moves at, but it felt fine within only a couple minutes.   Feeling very much the solid platformer it is (sadly one of the weak spots of the PCE/TG library) with obvious bits of Bionic Commando thrown in, the game controls well.  Mixing in a straight shot, downward swing/magic combo, and the jumping/grappling/flipping mechanic feels natural on no time.  Multi hit armor (armor,underwear,naked/death) with armor replenishments found lets you take a few hits before you lose a life.

Intro/cutscenes are well done, bright, and colorful...lot's of blues, pinks, and purples that work very well together.

Bosses so far have been a rather weak bunch, but I haven't gotten far enough yet to comment on the latter game bosses ferocity.

All in all a great game with a unique look, a unique soundtrack, and for me a hearty suggested game for you to get (just have patience and avoid it's usual high price).


_joshuaTurbo said...

I saw Matt try Fausette Armour at VGS last month. Looked like a pretty good time. I've gotta try it some day. I was watching some gameplay vids of the Xanadu games, those are less expensive and look really amazing. I think they'll be in my collection before year's end. Any others you've got your eye on?

nectarsis said...

All three of those are GREAT choices bro. I got my Fausette for a STEAL, and after playing it def would have payed more if necessary.

As for any others, a handful of cheapies, and Madou, Steam Hearts, and teh Bazaruuuuuuuuuuu

KINGRPG said...

I've been playing this game is very fun.