Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The originator :)

This was the system that started many of it's fans love affair with a sorely under appreciated system. My time with the Turbo was short back in the day. I only had the TurboExpress, Veigues Tactical Gladiator, and Neutopia. Thru the years it gathered dust as I foolishly lost interest, until I sold it off (regrettably).

Many years passed as I slowly became more disenfranchised with the direction many modern games/companies were going. So recently, I decided to go back to a simpler game time. I have always had my SNES, but needed MORE, so I decided to look up an old forgotten friend. Started scouring the net, and finally scored my first Turbo Duo.

Then began the game hunt. My collection has grown, as well as my appreciation of one of the best systems to ever have been released here.

Then we go on to the PC Engine. The PCE did much better in it's native japan, even giving the Super Famicom a run for it's $. The US received only a fraction of the catalog of games that were released in Japan. Many great games are unheard of by many people who had a Turbo back in the day due to some pretty hefty import prices years ago. Luckily, many games can now be found for much more reasonable prices.

This blog will help to bring info on the system(s),
and many of the games that have become classics.

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