Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Currently Playing Kaze No Densetsu Xanadu aka The Legend of Xanadu

Just started this game a couple days ago, and WOW. How did the US get the short end of the stick on this great game? It has elements of the Ys series for the overhead areas, and switches to gorgeous side scrolling levels for the boss fights (ala Y's 3). In between areas, there are animated cut scenes, very well done, and the music is catchy, and fitting.

Currently in the 3rd area of the game, and getting more, and more addicted the longer I play. Given my complete lack of Japanese knowledge, it can be a bit slow going, and the stories mostly lost on me, but still very worth a try for anyone on the fence.


Windancer said...

Woohoo Nec the site is looking great! LOve the game review! keep up the good work! Turbo fest 2009!

nectarsis said...

Thanks a lot man :) You and pcenginefan have been most helpful.

Windancer said...

Anytime for you NEC. I was new to the board but a month ago and you jumped right in and showed me how to get going. its the least I can do. Now dont let this blog eat your mind LOL