Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soma Bringer...modern classic

Soma Bringer is a action RPG game by developer Monolith Soft (of Xenosga, NamcoXCapcom, and Baten Kaitos fame) for the DS.  Originally released in japan in early 2008, there are still no plans for a release outside of japan.

When you start up, you can choose from 8 different characters each one having a unique class/weapon specialties (though the main story stays the same for all).  Characters are customizable thru weapons, armor, and  gaining AP as you level up, you also gain CP (Character Points), which can be used to increase the character's four base statistics. These base statistics determine the strength of physical and magical attacks, as well as maximum HP/SP, defensive power and so on. The statistics that can be boosted are Strength, Magic, Health and Skillfulness.

Combat is fast paced (reminiscent of Diablo 2), with the added ability to map your special attacks to the 4 buttons (X, Y, B, A).  You camera angle is adjustable with the select button, and automatically zooms in when attacking an enemy. Controls are fluid, and well implemented (your 2 companions that you can choose are AI controlled).

Though early on game time, Soma Bringer sure seems to be another gem that will sadly not be brought over to the US.


Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP!!! I fully support and will purchase this game when it comes out.

nectarsis said...

Sadly from the looks of things, the closest we'll get is the EXCELLENT fan translation.