Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting back to OBEYING the PC Engine

Genji Tsushin Agedama


For sometime now I have been a proponent of this criminally, oft ignored hidden gem in the PCE library. This game is based off an anime, and manga series of the same name.  A "forced scroll" platformer (ala Monster Lair) with colorful graphics, quality control, and cool attacks.




You start with a typical peashooter of a weapon, but get power-ups of varying colors that add some uniqe attacks.   Your special attacks vary by color, and also by how long you hold the button down (the colored gauge determines what attack is unleashed).  Control is buttery smooth, and responsive.  Graphically it's not a powerhouse, but still throws some very enjoyable scenes up, with a  a decent amount of stage variety.  Music is upbeat, and excellent chip tunage.



This is easily one of my favorite PCE games that I regularly return to.  In my opinion a MUST OWN.

*Pictures & videos compliments of Sunteampaul @ The PC Engine Bible*


Windancer said...

The game is Great I played some last night controls are nice and the graphics are real nice :) Get this game and obey the PCE!

nectarsis said...

Top 10 PCE game easily, hell may even be a top 5. ;)

sunteam_paul said...

I find the later levels far less interesting than the early ones, which is a shame. But it's nice to play and there are not many auto-scroll platformers on the machine. And the level 1 music makes me OBEY.