Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One of the BEST PC Engine games ever

Son Son II

Capcom/NEC Avenue really hit on out of the park with Son Son II. This little 2 meg bruiser is quality from the first minute you fire it up.  Based on the chinese legend of the Journey West/monkey king. Seven levels of supreme platforming goodness await you.  You gain $ (the ubiquitous Capcom zenny) by collectiing fruit which you use for items, weapons, and magic.  Hidden secrets abound throughout the first-rate designed levels, capped off by cool end level bosses.




Another colorful game with excellent control, and good challenge.  Music is quality,and fits the  game quite well.  Luckily this classic can also be nabbed for a reasonable price.  There is also a translated rom out there (though hardly necessary).  Out of my 300+  PCE/TG games this is a solid top 5 game, and possibly my #1 Huey of all time.


Windancer said...

great stuff I need to play this one!

sunteam_paul said...

Great use of colour in this game.

Futurematt5 said...

Hey, great site man! I presume you are the same you tuber that goes by this name? Matt

nectarsis said...

Hey futurematt :) Yep same guy (as well as same name on PCEFX ;)