Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting back into the Moster Hunter series

Some time ago, I picked up the original Monster Hunter for the PS2, and then Monster Hunter Freedom for the PSP.  I play for awhile, yet time passes, and I move on to other gaming pastures.  Talking to my friend pcenginefan/apple, and windancer we get to the subject of Monster Hunter Tri (an upcoming game for the Wii).

This starts to take me back to my to short playing days with the original 2 games I had.  I start to feel the desire to give one of them the whirl...yet where to start.  MH Tri isn't out yet, but wait!!  Some digging turns up that MHF Unite for the PSP is now a very reasonable $20 new.  I pick it up on my next game buying run (a rare thing these days) and nab a copy.  Now being in the throes of learning my way around Phantasy Star Zero there's little spare time to put into MHF Unite.  I end up with some time and fire it up...pleasently surprised.  While the online is SEVERELY nerfed (pretty bad idea on a game that would thrive on easy to use online) it's so far an enjoyable game.


jboypacman said...

Never played any of these games(and to be honest i never will)but how do they play? Is it like a 3rd person MMO?

Windancer said...

My first venture into the series will be on the wii. I think you guys already know that the PSP hates my guts so ive given up all hope

nectarsis said...

They are 3rd person action games. They do have MMO atributes (but seeing as I've never taken one online yet it's moot for me). Def enjoyable games IMO.